We want to join the target of the city to meet and enjoy the socio-cultural resources of Orihuela; its heritage, art and culture… At the same time we help and strengthen family life, creating a type of game involving families as a whole.

This is a resource that helps us getting closer to the parents and guardians of the children who participate in the ORIVERANO Summer School.

We want you to know us, to discover our methods of work, to participate in the activities of the children and to take part of the great family ORIVERANO.

This summer 2017 we propose again extra school activities, outside opening hours of the Summer School, in which our children, along with their parents, can participate.

These activities are free and voluntary for families wishing to do so. They will be held outside the hours of the Summer School, in the evenings, from 19:00 onwards. All these activities will be announced in our social networks and our web calendar.