The proposal for the 2017 season stems from the need of creating a Summer School that continues with the education received children during the school year,  but in a non-formal way, more fun, with the fundamental element of the game, and under a framework of experience.

We want to reinforce learning with teaching resources that we consider most effective for learning, fun and experience.

We have the great opportunity to continue with the formation of the children of Orihuela in a different space, the Summer School, where the willingness of children is greater due to the recreational and playful structure of the program. We must not let these opportunities pass by; that’s why our program presents a set of activities, projects and programs with which we’ll get the most of the holiday period.

The projects that form our program have been created from three basic contexts; cultural, social and educational. Each context consists of different projects that cover topics according to the period of formation of the children. So, they’ll practice and experience cultural, social and educational aspects of their close environment and also of the farthest.

These three pillars are the basis for the formation, not only of model citizens, but of human people prepared to coexist, with knowledge of culture and capable of making decisions.

The implementation and development of these programs is done through activities of leisure and free time, sports, crafts, tours, readings and games. For each program the best choice is made for their development in order for the children to comprehend the projects, be able to put it into practice and continue with it after Summer School.

These projects will take place in different areas: the school, the city and within the family environment. We find it important to cover each program from all the areas of development of the children involving their families and friends.