In addition, we leave you a few tips on how to get well prepared for the summer school

  • Hydration: summer is a very important time where we must pay special attention to hydration of the children due to high temperatures. Therefore they should bring always enough water for the whole morning. Depending on the age of the child activities are more or less intense and the need for water is different.
  • Sun protection: for the same reason as stated above we must protect our children from the sun, so we will take different measures:
    • Light-colored and fresh clothing.
    • Sneakers: every day children will practice sports and games, and for your their own safety we prohibit wearing shoes where toes are not covered.
    • Sun cream, high-protection: the first dose of cream will be already applied at home. Furthermore it is highly recommended to add a small bottle in the backpack of children to reapply sensitive areas such as the face.

Feeding: children must have had breakfast before coming to the school as it is the main and most important meal of the day. A good and healthy breakfast for children includes: milk, fruit or juice and carbohydrates. According to data from the Ministry of Health and Consumption of Spain, only 7.5% of Spanish children eat breakfast correctly.

It is obligatory to bring lunch every day as the school is from 9.00 to 14.00 which means it’s a lot of hours playing and using a great amount of energy. There are some foods that we should not include in the backpack: packaged juices, processed and sugary food, industrial bakery… these foods do not provide energy to our children and are not healthy because of its high sugar content.

We recommend: fruit of all types, snacks (avoid cream of cocoa), water and natural juices.